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A revolutionary disposable wooden eating utensil makes eating snack food clean, easy and fun. Called 'Snackers", two lightweight sticks simply slot together to form a stylish, tweezer-like utensil, that enables the most awkward of foods to be eaten easily and hygienically.
Snackers come individually packed in branded paper sachets. They appeal to both adults and children, and are perfect for most eating situations - at work, horne, outdoors or in the car - for eating pot foods, Chinese takeaways, bar foods, salads, fish and chips etc. Their single handed operation makes them an attractive alternative to fingers at parties, BBQ's, picnics, buffets and alI outdoor events.
For both food manufacturers and caterers, Snackers provide the effective, low cost, clean way to add value and convenience to food. For free sample, write to: KLIK, Ashley Business Centre, Starling´s Bridge, Nightingale Road, Hitchin, Herts. SG5 1RJ, Great Britain, or fax: (+44) 1 904 430730.
For further information please contact: Jonathan Needs on telephone:
(+44) 1 462-435829 or fax.: (+44) 1 462-421226
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